Katzeye (options and recomposition question)

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Katzeye with and without Optibrite comparison

The comparison is not perfect, as I used different bodies, however here is a comparison of Katzeye with and without Optibrite that also includes a stock screen:


I used a compact camera to photograph the viewfinder images. I do not know what the treatment is but the images above should make it somewhat clearer what it does. I think the consensus is that Optibrite makes the screen more transparent, at the cost of making DOF judgement less accurate. The effect is most visible with large aperture lenses. I would say it is midway between the stock screen and the KatzEye without the treatment.

Note that these were screens without microprism/split field, which still can be special ordered. I prefer them as I like to use the matte area to focus without the need to recompose.

pluton wrote:

Does anyone actually know what their "optibrite" treatment is? Katz doesn't say the last time I checked their site.

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