My next camera is going to be . . .

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Re: My next camera is going to be . . .

I am in the same boat and am ready for an upgrade. The 5n has taught me well and in a few months I have gone from taking some ugly HDR pics and proudly posting them on this forum, to getting my recent pics published in a magazine and our local paper.

I love my Zeiss 24 1.8 is also on my camera 98% of the time. I think the RX1 will be my next choice if it continues to get good reviews. It will suit my style of photography which is mainly people and aerial from my paramotor (need a small camera).

It is an expensive camera but I pacify myself by looking at the Leica price and convincing myself the RX1 price is ok. May have to sell my Z24 to help cover the cost

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