A simple poll......24MP or 36MP...

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Re: Depends upon what you shoot

mmmmmmmm wrote:

For weddings, the 36mp file is way too large.

I don't shoot weddings, so I couldn't care less about that.

landscape photographers will like the larger file. I think Canon did it right at 24mp which should do nicely at whatever is photographed. I have heard of rumors of a Canon with 40+ mp file on its way.

I'm currently shooting at 24 MP; and while it's okay, I would like more. For a wedding photographer, I don't think the differences between 24 MP and 36 MP are that great; and regardless, I'm certain that there will not be any more 12 MP options, and sub-20 MP options are probably on the way out too (even DX will have more MP).

I think photographers are just going to have to bite the bullet and invest in computers and storage that make handling larger files a non-issue. The thing is, and it's been pointed out elsewhere, when you look at the demands 10-12 MP cameras were putting on our computers a few years ago, 24-36 MP cameras are now less demanding on today's computers.

If you need more than 36mp then I think you should start thinking of a MF digital camera where the pixels are much larger of the same mp.

In what way is that an advantage? I'm having a hard time seeing why the D800E isn't the better choice when I look at some of the tested cameras at DxO Mark:

A DSLR is more compact and more versatile than a MF camera. A high resolution DSLR is also a better choice for me (YMMV) because it costs dramatically less than MF cameras (anywhere from 3x to 10x less), and that's just the cost of the cameras. MF lenses also cost a lot more with far fewer options. Based on all of that, I don't consider MF a viable option (again, YMMV).

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