Assign AE-L/AF-L Button on D600 to AF-ON?

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Re: Assign AE-L/AF-L Button on D600 to AF-ON?

ScottRH wrote:
Right one reason the d600 is far from pro.

pixelless wrote:

So it works just like the D7000.... it works fine, but the placement of the button is not as optimal as the dedicated AF-ON on the D300.

You can assign AF-On function to AE-L, turn shutter release half-press focus off, along with focus point preferences etc etc, save to U1 or U2 mode. The button is in the right place on the D600, no "pro" has two thumbs and can operate both the AF-ON and AE-L at the same time anyway - the separate buttons are almost superfluous.

I'd happily swap the hopeless and clumsy menu-only accessible user shooting banks in my D300 (and common to Nikon's FX cameras until now) for dial operated "U" modes in a flash, but more than two user modes (as in D7000/600) would be nice.

If the D600 is "far from" pro, then the lack of a separate AF-ON button is actually a pretty trivial reason IMO - it's just been "jumped on" by people because it's easy to notice - but almost nobody realises that it hardly matters. But if it isn't pro enough, then spend $900 more - that's how it works. If Dx meets your needs, then stick to the D300, save some cash, and wait.

More annoying with the D600 is the lack of 100% zoom (to selected focus point) in image review mode. The polycarbonate front might be a bit of a concern for owners of large heavy lenses, and the AF point coverage is a bit smaller than FX models with CAM 3500 AF unit. But for many folks, the D600 is the best thing that could have happened.

I'd expect a lot will be used professionally too - especially in the wedding/event photo business, where the Canon 5D I and II have ruled.

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