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Re: I got a D3S

Hey Mr. Spineguy,

The D600 is not a camera I have ever considered. Yes it is a nice camera and it produces great images but photographers have to keep in mind that it is a system we are buying into and not just an image out of a camera.

My choice was always D3S or D800 for these reasons (moving up from 2-D300S)
1. Build Quality
2. Shutter life

3. Weather Sealing (I am shooting more in certain adverse weather conditions - the D3S is the best tool when weather conditions are challenging)
4. Dependability
5. Ergonomics and feel

6. Ease of use (again the D3S layout is great and easy to use without taking my eye from the viewfinder)
7. Did I say build quality (the D800 and especially the D600 doesn't compare)

8. The quality of the D3S images are just wonderful. It is hard to explain but the output just looks professionally done (the D800 has a similar quality)

I got caught up into the latest technology was necessary syndrome and the pixel hype. The D3/D3S/D700 were revolutionary cameras, the D800 is evolutionary and the D600 is what you expect from the next generation of a camera (nothing spectacular).

DXO scores are nice but real world application is more important to me. There is a slight gain in DR and comparable noise levels. However the DR falls off rather quickly with the D600 as the ISO increases whereas the D3S remains pretty consistent throughout the ISO range. Yes at base the D600 DR is higher but about ISO 400 it evens out then the DR is much better with the D3S above 1600.

Don't get me wrong the D600 images are beautiful but there are too many limitations for me as a photographer that the D600 has. Its like when I started photography I got talked into a D50 which was a great entry level consumer branded camera but I outgrew it in 6 months and made the horrid mistake of buying a D80 because I listened to hype. Consumer focused cameras can become limiting when you need immediate control of how you create an image. I learned my lesson the hard way with the D50/D80 purchases and even though the D600 has a great sensor, it is consumer focused.

Therefore, as soon as the D800 focus issues/Quality Control issues are resolved I will be purchasing a D800 to go with the D3S. Those are two totally different cameras that I will use based on what I am shooting. The D800 images are surreal which will make my architecture, landscape and studio work come alive.

But basically, this is why I never considered the D600.


spineguy wrote:

im wondering why you didnt go for the D600? ISO is very close to the D3s and has better DR according to DXO.

im debating both the d600 and the D3s.

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