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Re: DSLR vs. SLT

rjjr wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

In theory. In theory there's "no need" to compound it by delaying the shot with a flipping mirror.

I'mnot talking about "delaying the shot" per se, I'm talking about delaying what the photographer sees in the viewfinder.

With an optical viewfinder it's easy to anticipate action and press the shutter when the photographer feels it's right. With an EVF by the time the photographer can see that point when he should press the trigger the moment has already passed due to the EVF delay.

This doesn't make any sense. What you see in the viewfinder is what the sensor is recording. There is no delay versus an optical view because there is no optical view.

In other words it cannot matter if in reality the scene has changed compared to what the photographer is seeing in the EVF as he will get a photograph of what he is seeing in the EVF when he presses the shutter.

I've been taking photographs for 35 years and have shot with medium format prisms - which beat anything you can get in a DSLR hands down - and I've never read so much humbug and simply inaccurate statements as those made about the Sony SLT and EVF.

The SLT is actually a lot faster to shoot with than a traditional SLR as there is no mirror. It's instant and quiet - like a rangefinder.

You can't even tell it's an EVF when you look through it - there's no visible line structure. The only way you'll notice it is if the white balance is different or someone tells you it's an EVF.

We need to can this BS about a lag. The a77 is faster to shoot with than any other APS-c camera at present. I expect the A99 to perform similarly.

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