Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Re: lol. Dream on.

Wow, I must've pushed a sensitive button

What I posted was my opinion. You are free to have a different one. People who care can read both and make their own judgement of these lenses. What I provide is essentially a warning against the opinion of the majority that in this case I consider misleading. Most will probably ignore, but some may appreciate an advanced warning.

ultimitsu wrote:

No it doesnt, in real life canon 50 f2.4 performance exactly like it does in charts - soft until F2.0.

This is what I said, it performs only after f/2.0.

There is no more micro contrast in this lens than any other prime, if anything this lens produces a overly cool and blueish colour

I suspect your definition of microcontrast is different. Read the Zeiss white paper on the subject. The colors I get from my copy are rather warm on 5D, at most neutral. Definitely warmer than my Zeiss 50/2 Macro ZE.

This is by far the lowest personal attack I have seen on this forum. You made some serious defamatory allegations yet produced no evidence to substantiate any of them.

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but it is my honest opinion, take it or leave it. Not a personal attack at all, just an opinion of his results and conclusions. Compare his conclusions of Canon 24-70 II with the test of Roger from Roger humbly disclaims he is not a true reviewer, yet he makes a lot more sense than a shaky inconfident conclusion of Photozone. I have posted my thoughts on Photozone in more details before and don't care to repeat. You can rely on it if you prefer, why does my opinion bother you so much?

In this forum at the least, photozone is considered one of the more reputable sources, I have never seen any one else alleging his results are inconsistent with others, in fact based on my own observation his results are in line with both TDP and DXO.

Don't really care to discuss Photozone any further, but sure, why wouldn't he check the other sites before posting his results?

The remark about making money is a cheap shot

You didn't get me. Money is good. My point was that he had no real photographic experience, but just started doing this for money without a good understanding of how the specs translate into real life images. There is a lot of criticism on this forum for Ken Rockwell, but IMO Photozone is substantially lower in photographic expertise.

Lastly your remark about him being clueless necessarily pits your "cluedness" against his, readers are forced to either accept that you are clued and he is clueless, or that he is clued and your are clueless, based on evidence you cited (which is none) and credentials you possess (which is also none), who do you think a right-minded reader would pick?

What I provide is a warning that doesn't require a proof. It is like, "Be careful, the steps are slippery". But you look at me speaking with no evidence or celebrity fame or proof of credibility and you ignore the warning. You may or may not step on the wet spot, but if you do and crash your skull, then it would be the consequence of your pregudice.

Micro-contrast is a controversial concept, a lot of people use this term, but no one reall define it properly, or explain what physicis element of the lens attribute to quality. As such most top lens reviews refrain themselves from talking about "micro-contrast". TDP, DXO and DPR included.

Again, you are off on what microcontrast is. In a nutshell, it is what the thick lines on Canon's MTFs show. DXO has it perfectly in their charts, except they are measured as a convolution with a digital body and are not as clear as true optical charts by Zeiss or theoretically calculated by Canon.

What you see in these TDP's crops is not difference in contrast, it is variation in exposure.

No Sir. Contrast is the difference between dark and bright areas. On TDP's charts, look at the middle section. Both lenses are about equally bad at f/2, but from f/4 Canon's contrast is closer to black and white while Nikkor is more like dark gray to lighter gray. This results in a much bigger difference in real life photos than corner sharpness.

Go look at 70-200 F4 IS, one of the most praised zoom lens in history, its 200mm F4 crop is considerably darker than other lenses, yet in no review, or any user report, you would find remark on its lack of contrast.

I have looked before and now again. Very high contrast. You must be confusing it with vignetting. In fact, I have the non IS version. It looks softer on the charts (perhaps TDP had a bad copy), But the contrast and color on mine are stunning.

50 f1.8G is much closer to perfect than Canon 50 F1.4, when used properly it yields even more stunning quality photos

You are certainly entitled to your own opinion. To me it is not even close when stopped down while similarly bad wide open, but you should follow what makes you happy.

As shown to you by others, that wine and glass photo demonstrates it well

Like I said, the bokeh is nice. Other than that thers isn't much to look at. Two bottles with muted colors, glass always looks nice, everything else is not in the focus plane. It is technically a nice photo, uninteresting to me personally, but I don't see how it could be a demonstration of any lens quality, but bokeh. And it is completely irrelevant to the point I was making about the performance stopped down.

now where is your "significantly better image with tons of micro-contrast"?

Nice try Like you ain't gonna trash anything I post regardless What chance does one have for a fair trial in a fanboi argument? But no, seriously, I am on an iPad at a hotel, long away from my toys

I am not a big fan of the Canon 50/1.4 build quality, but At least it has a metal mount and is made in Japan


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