Closing the gap at Photokina.

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Panasonic GH cameras and lenses (except for pancakes) are bigger than the comparable/analogous Olympus products. Olympus EPL/M-x bodies are operationally like scaled-up compacts. If you are interested in small size, Olympus gear is the way to go. If you are interested in DSLR and 'system' feel, the Panasonic bodies and lenses and the OM-D body are operationally like scaled-down DSLR's and not much smaller, the point the OP is making. E.g., my 45-200 Panasonic lens is almost the same size and length as my DX consumer 55-200 Nikkor. To some extent, comparison of size via photos and size/wt via the objective specs is not the issue. What looks a lot bigger to someone does not look very much so to someone else. The issue is the manufacturer's approach (scale-down DSLR vs. scaled-up compact) and what the photographer's priorities and shooting style are.

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