Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Re: lol. Dream on.

Great British Landscapes wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

Any lens maker has good and bad products and this one is the worst in the current Nikkor lineup in my humble opinion.

I could name at least 10 lenses in the Nikon lineup 'worse' than this one, I think your assessment is way off the mark.

You are right. My bad. Nikon makes many lenses that are even worse

No, seriously, what I meant was that it is not one of the best G lenses im my opinion. I know others have a different opinion. Sometimes the majority is right, sometimes wrong, but an open exchange of opinions is the best avenue for people to take a note and decide for themselves.

I replaced it with Nikkor 60/2.8G Micro, a dramatically better product. Nikon makes many good lenses, but the Chinese made 50/1.8G with plastic mount is not one of them.

Very, very harsh, and you know it. It's a staple lens of many photographers.

It wasn't harsh at all. A "piece of junk" would be harsh, a "plastic soap holder" would be harsh, but I didn't say that. I only stated that it was made in Cina - fact, it has a plastic mount - fact, and that 60mm has a better IQ - fact. If this sounds "harsh" for you, you must be biased or inadequately sensitive

It's not for me, I prefer an 85 myself for better reach. And as for replacing it with a 60mm it's OK I guess but you could hardly call it fast glass.

Yeah, it's a stop slower, but it is the only prime in the normal range recommended by Nikon to be sharp enough for D800. Neither 50/1.8G nor 50/1.4G is recommended.

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