Really that much difference btw d600/6d autofocus system???

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Re: lol. Dream on.

Press Correspondent wrote:

You can look at the charts until your eyes pop But in real life Canon 50/1.4 wipes the floor with Nikkor 50/1.8G in terms of producing pleasing images with nice color and microcontrast.

No it doesnt, in real life canon 50 f2.4 performance exactly like it does in charts - soft until F2.0.

There is no more micro contrast in this lens than any other prime, if anything this lens produces a overly cool and blueish colour, sort of the opposite of what i see in sigma lenses (which are known for overly warm and yellowish colour.

But wait, let's talk charts. I've been following Photozone since about the time that guy bought his first Rebel, a copy of Imatest and pretended to be a lens reviewer by borrowing a few lenses from others. He has been highly criticized on this forum for his results rarely matched experiences of others. He simply makes money off his website, but he is clueless and his results always have been worthless.

This is by far the lowest personal attack I have seen on this forum. You made some serious defamatory allegations yet produced no evidence to substantiate any of them.

In this forum at the least, photozone is considered one of the more reputable sources, I have never seen any one else alleging his results are inconsistent with others, in fact based on my own observation his results are in line with both TDP and DXO.

The remark about making money is a cheap shot, everyone that is serious about what they do has to make money, keeping a number of bodies and buying lenses for review is not a cheap exercise, and since they are providing a service which many people use, there is absolutely nothing wrong with him making money from it. all other good resource sites make money too.

Lastly your remark about him being clueless necessarily pits your "cluedness" against his, readers are forced to either accept that you are clued and he is clueless, or that he is clued and your are clueless, based on evidence you cited (which is none) and credentials you possess (which is also none), who do you think a right-minded reader would pick?

Good luck relying on his pointless MTF-50 that tell you nothing about microcontrast or his amateurish setup.

I singled out this statement because it deserves a different treatment.

Micro-contrast is a controversial concept, a lot of people use this term, but no one reall define it properly, or explain what physicis element of the lens attribute to quality. As such most top lens reviews refrain themselves from talking about "micro-contrast". TDP, DXO and DPR included.

While not perfect as well, clearly shows better light distribution and contrast on Canon 50/1.4,

What you see in these TDP's crops is not difference in contrast, it is variation in exposure.

Go look at 70-200 F4 IS, one of the most praised zoom lens in history, its 200mm F4 crop is considerably darker than other lenses, yet in no review, or any user report, you would find remark on its lack of contrast.

better center sharpness passed f/2 and dramatically better everything passed f/4.

your eyes are different to mine then, look at this thread yours are also different to quite a few others, I see no significant difference between the two past F2, but if forced to pick i give a edge to 1.8G.

More importantly D3X's has more resolution than 5D2, so if 100% crop is a draw, then the nikon lens wins.

Canon 50/1.4 is far from perfect, but used properly it yields stunning quality photos for very little money and thus is a very good value.

50 f1.8G is much closer to perfect than Canon 50 F1.4, when used properly it yields even more stunning quality photos for even less money than canon 50 F1.4, thus is an extremely good value.

As shown to you by others, that wine and glass photo demonstrates it well, it is exemplary because it is taken at iso800, showing no noise and amazing detail retention.

now where is your "significantly better image with tons of micro-contrast"?

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