Want Upgrade From Nikon D300s to D800, Need Advice

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Re: Want Upgrade From Nikon D300s to D800, Need Advice

Hi Reza,

Below is my reply on another similar thread, if you want some input from a non-pro, meaning I don't make money from my camera and have no desire to do so; I'm simply just crazy and obsessed with quality images that I can create myself.

"You actually sound like me. Even your lenses are pretty much the same as mine. I also upgraded from a D300S to the D800E.

I agree with everything mentioned here. It took me about a week to get confident about using the D800E at the same comfort level as my old D300S. With my D800E it's simply getting the best results with proper techniques, which many times I took for granted when I was shooting with the D300s. The camera literally forced me to go back to the basics and pay attention to anything that would give the best of the best from it.

Here's something I also noticed with the D800E, my need for post processing has somehow declined because I am getting awesome quality straight from the camera. I usually use LR4 to start and then do the finishing touches on my NIK plugins. This time around I can easily get the final processed image just on LR4!

I considered the D600 briefly but knowing myself I would always be asking myself "maybe I should have gone for the D800" BTW, I didn't plan on selling my D300s but guess what, it's been in my camera bag since I received my D800E.

Go for it, if money is not a problem. Eventually you would want the top of the line!"

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