A TC20E becomes an electrified extension tube

Started Sep 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: A TC20E becomes an electrified extension tube

Nikon could easily make extension tubes based on the teleconverter bodies without optics. They could improve on the electronics so that the tube does not report 2 full stops below actual aperture and twice the actual focal length as the 2x converter chip does. Thanks to whoever pointed out the availability of a pro-optic variable extension tube for Nikon. I have used variable tubes for high magnification macro work for years - they are far more friendly than using a bellows in the field. I have used Leica threaded versions and Pentax threaded versions as both are available occasionally on the used market and both can be adapted to specialized macro lenses that usually have RMS thread or 39mm leica thread. The Adorama pro-optic tube could be a great find - if it is well made. I may purchase one myself.

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