Closing the gap at Photokina.

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Re: Size and weight

How dare you suggest that Olympus needs anything from Sony!

Olympus is the best company ever. Their word is their bond. If they say they are making a profit, it means they are losing money. If they say the camera is shooting at ISO 1600, it means is is 800.

Bellieve in Olympus.

Did I mentioned that mFT body and lenses are tiny, tiny, tiny little things and the other formats are GINORMOUS!!

DSLRs are the true cause of Global Warming. The massive shutters flapping up and down are warming the air due to friction.

Mazin Sami wrote:

Also consider that the GH3 has a fully articulated LCD and a bulit-in flash, while the 6D has a fixed LCD and no flash. So the comparison is of a stripped-down camera vs. a well-equipped one, when there are comparably equipped M43 cameras to compare to (but which wouldn't support the OP's point).

The interesting thing here, is not just size, but also the sensor. I have a feeling that Sony is going to intrudes another RX1 (RX2) with interchangeable lenses very soon.,381.336,376,wa,t


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