D600 vs D800 Comparison Spread Sheet...please add

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Re: D600 also has dual-axis virtual horizon in Live View (NT)

Yes, the D600 has dual-axis in Live View, but not in the viewfinder.

Comes down to whether it's important or not to each shooter. Myself, I rarely shoot with Live View, and I do use the virtual horizon in the viewfinder on a D7000. It IS annoying to lose other viewfinder information when toggled into the virtual horizon mode -- I find myself toggling it on and off.

Again, that's just me, but I'm not the only one who noticed:


"It’s also worth noting that although the camera has the same levelling display as the D800 in live view mode, it lacks the two-axis overlay in the viewfinder; instead, it uses the exposure meter to show left-right tilt, at the expense of the other shooting information which subsequently disappears."

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