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Re: New Denoise Algorithm

Hello, Hng,

It looks like you got some of that famous Sigma Forum shouting.

However, there are many persons reading here who do not feel this way, and who would appreciate what you have to say.

I haven't so much time for the subject at the moment, but a week or so ago I downloaded the latest SPP you are using, and just for my own view tried it on some images I'm very familiar with.

Those are the ones some of us did a lot of work on from the early days of the SD-1, which Rick took in Amsterdam and in Norway mainly.

I noticed right away that at many of the quite subtle levels of the images which had been worked on, this new SPP was quietly but very much better.

Handling of noise was one of those ways, so I agree with you. There's an area of an image of an Amsterdam canal, buildings, trees, and streets at dawn which just came together very much better, and without much trouble to it now at all.

Take care, and I hope you don't hesitate to write in the forum due to the sometimes clamour. Gentleness and perception are here as well.

Cám ơn (I enjoy eating in a Japanese place near where I live, which is actually the restaurant of some Vietnamese, and they are teaching me just a little...)


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