D600 body: flex and lens mount

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Re: D600 body: flex and lens mount

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

golf1982 wrote:

The 5d3 has a substantial metal frame/ body and I believe considerabally more solidly built than the 2

Not really, but I see why you would probably think so, because of the press images floating around showing the 5DM3 body with the metal paneling on. Canon takes a plastic body, and adds metal paneling (just like the D7000 and D600). The difference is Canon uses one more piece of metal on the front of the camera, but it is completely separate from the mount. The metal is also not one piece. The Lens mount is screwed directly into plastic, just like it is on the D7000 and D600 or lesser cameras, and that is by far the most important place for the camera to be as strong as possible.

Here is a picture of the 5DM3, notice the mount screwed into plastic:

Here is a D7000 for comparison, notice how the mount construction looks the same:

And Finally here is a D800 body, which is 1-piece. Notice the mount screwed into the metal. Canon offers the same build, but only on the 1-series. You get it from Nikon starting with the D300 and up.

I am surprised. While I am sure the cannon is still well built you have to question why make the body/ frame metal if you don't bolt the mount to it?

Also credit to the Nikon build.

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