Interchanging DSLR and SLR lense

Started Sep 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Peter Shute Regular Member • Posts: 204
Re: Interchanging DSLR and SLR lense

I'm using an old Contax/Yashica mount lens on an Olympus E-520 4/3 camera. It works great if you don't mind changing the aperture and focus manually.

The main issue is whether there's enough room for an adapter between the lens mounting flange on the camera and the place where the flange for the lens should be in order for it to be able to focus to infinity. Some adapters include some lenses to allow it to work even if there isn't enough room.

Some DSLRs still use a mount that's compatible with earlier SLR lenses of the same brand. For others you'll have to get an adapter.

The second issue is what loss of lens automation you're prepared to put up with.

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