Traveling through Oregon

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Re: Traveling through Oregon

Hi Mike,

Well, the girl is long gone - two marriages later, of hers. Though actually she lives in a few hundred miles from here - down near the border. A good personal memory though.

I somehow never got over to the Malheur country, though so many times in the La Grande-Anthony Lakes-Joseph-Baker City area. I have seen many images, and read accounts; my thought is that it has something in common with the Wyoming and North Dakota areas I spent a lot of time in once. Lots of coyotes there too.

Too bad about the smoke - it's sometimes part of life there, and other places I've been, particularly having grown up in Humboldt. Though what I remember most is burns that came near Clear Lake where we had much looked forward to vacations as a boy, quite rustic family cabins near where my mother's SF Scandinavian community used to have theirs, and old family friends.

Anyway, it's all nice country and full of memories, also per that girl. Try the book when you get a chance, if you'd fancy night helicopter rides through the riverbeds, out to see true old West folk who live out there also, as I knew them, and a tale which ends up to include quite a bit of military morality.

Ursula Le Guin also wrote a quite straight (non-speculative fiction) story of out there, which I quite liked and would reference for you if I could find it. Come to think of it, she's got a book of poetry and pairing with a photographer quite recently out, which is set out in the Steens/Malheur places, which apparently she visits a lot.

Me, I'm doing fine. A rough couple of years preceded, which are probably more valuable than I have yet integrated for my intended writing. America is a strange place for me in the world, quite often, always was, as I had those other connections which couldn't be closer in family growing up.

I've managed to make friendships with everybody, but the adult recognitions in each culture and place only grows. America is unusual, just as Europeans always think it is. The reasons, the rationales, the complicated business of families and individuals in perioids when life is more connected in the economic attentiveness more than it should be; all a whirlwind to gain truths on. I wonder and wander on the borders quite far out where we might be able to adequately let go of it, and find much more of what you find on a trip you take. Among other things.

Take care, Mike, and glad to hear from you too -- doing the good things, I see.


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