Manufacturing changes D800 ??

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Re: Manufacturing changes D800 ??

What are the first 4 digits of the S/N ?, thanks

goosel wrote:

Just got the second D800.

I had a very early D800 that was taken back by Nikon because the AF Issue wasn't repairable. I decided to wait before getting another to be sure of getting a 'good' one. This evening my dealer had one for me. Initial test shots indicate that the AF is good. Will do a more thorough test tomorrow.

What i have noticed (or am imagining). Definitely a newer production model. Plastics of the body have changed and feel cheaper. Viewfinder Prism assembly seem different while looking through the viewfinder. When my eye is just a bit off center the info display on the bottom gets cut off as if something is in the way. Sub-Command dial has a cheap clicking feel to it. Main command dial has the good old nikon solid feel.

Anyone notice anything similar?

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