D600 ergonomics/question for Canon switchers

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Re: D600 ergonomics/question for Canon switchers

I have been using Canon EOS DSLRs for the last 8 years or so. I recently got the Nikon D800E.

At first I preferred the Canon layout but it was really just getting familiar with the new layout.

After a while I appreciate the Nikon layout more and more. It is better in my opinion than EOS.

I used my 40D again recently and found the layouts quite poor now I was used to the D800.

D700 layout allows you to view through the viewfinder and not have to take your eye off what you are doing and still be able to adjust things easily. Its quite clever really.

Power on/off is vastly superior in Nikon.
Magnify live view is vastly superior in Nikon

to light up the top LCD is a lot better in Nikon as you merely turn the power swtich to one side (although if you get it wrong you turn the camera off!).

As far as feel of holding goes, that would be up to you and your preference. I find the D800E comfortable but some prefer the Canon 5D3 shape for that.

D600 is currently the top all round appealling full frame camera out there. Nikon has done an incredible job of implementing this camera. Hell its 90% of a D800 for 70% of the price!

6D is not out to be tested yet but on paper it seems to have been crippled far more than D600 has in order to protect 5D3 sales. I think they went too far and it does not seem they have tried too hard to make the 6D an exceptional camera whereas Nikon has with the D600.

Nikon are the try hards at the moment. Canon seems to be resting on its laurels and I think is due for some corporate shakeup at the office as market share begins to slip badly. They will bounce back but it may take them a while. I don't think either of these companies can move that fast. Its a tough business. They make decisions on model details that are fixed for several years. If they get it wrong its a 3 year lag to change it on the next model. There's only so much you can do with a firmware update.


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