The time has come: lens consolidation time

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Re: The time has come: lens consolidation time

2) Does anyone have experience in using a 70-200mm FL as a walk around lens, for family outings, indoor functions, etc? Since the 35-100 isn't too massive (compared to a Canikon 70-200, I can totally see myself using it as one)

I haven't, but I have a friend who relies on his 70-200 for a great deal of his photography on his FX Nikons. It's his go-to walkaround lens, along with his 50mm 1.4. He uses his 24-70 so infrequently that he's considered selling it, in fact. He also acknowledges that he's a bit unusual in that regard

I think there are 2 factors to think of: coverage gaps and usage.

For coverage, what are you missing? Like you said, you have no real telephoto options, while you have the normal range decently covered. That tells me that either the Olympus 75mm or Panasonic 35-100 would filll the gap a lot better than the 12-35.

Second, what are you going to use? Do you miss the zoom range that the 14-150 gave you? It not, then maybe a telephoto zoom wouldn't be all that useful. If you only really ever took photos with that lens in the normal range, well, that bodes a bit better for the 12-35.

But if you're really getting into portraiiture, the 75mm makes an awful lot of sense, especially if you're doing natural light work. It's a bit of a portraitist's machine, based on the samples I've seen.

If you want to more landscapes, though, then the 35-100 would be an awesome option for you. This article says it better than I can:

Personally, I think a tele zoom is more useful than a normal zoom, relative to their prime counterparts. Within a normal range, you can 'zoom with your feet' without affecting the composition quite so much, but with telephoto lenses, zooming with your feet tends to change the composition more, or is unfeasible due to cliffs, fences, walls, and the like.

That is all. GAS is a B!%@#.

Yes it is.

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