Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

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Re: Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

kkardster wrote:

FeedMe wrote:

What improvements are there over the 150?

Snapsort doesn't list much to crow about.. min max shutter speed is higher and there's that 2.8 lens. FZ200 has a tiny tiny bit smaller sensor..

Other than that, what?

Although SnapSort is a convenient comparison tool, it lacks many details and places questionably strong emphasis on certain features - including the odd "popularity" - in its ratings.

Oh HELL, YES - I've often complained about that stupid "popularity" rating, with its high weighting, being part of the score!

SnapSort only details the LCD display and ignores the EVF - which is the other big difference between the FZ200 and FZ150 [and the rest of the competition]. (@1.3MP, 6X higher resolution than the FZ150)

Auto-Focus Following [AFF] which attempts to automatically track moving objects is another new feature as well as sweep panorama, true multi-shot in-camera HDR, and new filters.

Support for the faster SD UHS-I card is supposed to allow for longer burst shooting before buffering as well. Stronger flash and battery are also a plus over the FZ150. Improved ergonomics and customization also benefit the FZ200.

Thanks for that - it was an interesting read.

I sometimes pinch my wife's '150 (I have an EOS 5D2) - it's just so convenient, light and quite for snappy-grab shots.

The sort of shot I take to see if it's worth taking, then go back later with the 5D2.

We both tend to skip a generation when it comes to buying. If we didn't have the '150 we'd get the '200, but now we#ll wait for the '250 or '300 (?? or whatever).

Same with the 5D2 - the 5D3 offer me a not-too-much upgrade, maybe the 5D4.
See, "skip a generation"..

Thanks, again, for your kind reply there.

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