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At the other extreme

Rf lenses work well on the GXR - perhaps my most compact lens is the Russar MR2 LTM 20mm f5.6.

At the other end of the scale are the ex-slr manual telephoto lenses.

Here are three:

To go from 200mm f4.0 to 300mm f4.0 is s huge jump in weight and bulk. But what I really wish to show by comparison is the somewhat rare Enna Tele-ennalyt 240mm f4.5 This lens is of usable dimensions on the GXR and quite light. You get a 360mm equivalent lens for just 319 grams.

The tele-ennalyt is a triplet design as far as I can understand and probably not reaching the ultimate finesse of the much larger heavier sonnars. However it is a case for being most suitable for the purpose rather than the fine point of perfection. I am finding it easy to use on the GXR except for a tight focus action on this particular lens that I am going to have to fix.

The 300mm Orestegon is very heavy but I have found a new way of dealing with such a lens on a very small host body. Instead of holding the camera in right hand and the lens in left - it is easier to just hold the lens with both hands to get focus correct then shift the right hand to the camera to take the shot. Hardly rapid fire action! Best used with a tripod I say. However it does bring up a point. If ever (probably never) really large lenses become mated to very small camera bodies then there might be some merit in a remote shutter release handily located on the lens itself. The grip is reasonably comfortable this way (lens held two-handed). But many of course will reject the idea as too silly for words. On the other hand this 300mm lens gives a 450mm equivalent lens of pretty good resolving power and quite arguably better than more compact modern lenses with a smaller object lens diameter. No way any amount of cropping of a wider angle lens capture will give a similar level of performance.

The 200mm f4.0 is manageable on the GXR-M with a normal telephoto grip but the 240mm Tele-ennalyt is small, light, and a very workable 360mm effective lens, if not exactly jacket pocket in size. There is just one on eBay right now for anyone mad enough (not listed by myself - I am keeping mine).

Oh - and they all have 14 blade apertures.

No more do you need to groan for a lens module for the GXR with a decent prime telephoto reach (grin).

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Tom Caldwell

Panasonic Lumix DMC-F5
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