Weight of Lens on D600 stressing mounts?

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Re: Weight of Lens on D600 stressing mounts?

For what it's worth, Nikon sent me the following emails 7 years ago when I asked them whether my D70 could carry the weight of my 80-400 (translated to English, the original email is in Dutch).


"Nikon Japan has received your question and is conducting an investigation. As soon as we have more information regarding any limits on the use of heavy lenses on thee Nikon D70 camera, we will inform you."


"Nikon has performed the following test with the AF80-200 and AF70-210 lenses on several bodies:

In a horizontal position, one can apply a force equivalent to 10kg (20 pounds) on the front tip of the lens for maximum period of 10 seconds without damaging the camera or the mount. There are no standardized values for the maximum weight that the mount of a Nikon camera can carry. Nikon does however confirm that the D2 and the D50 and D70 camera models are designed for transport and use of the heaviest Nikkor lens, being the AF-S 600 f/4 (the weight of this lens is 4750 grams). With this lens mounted, however, it is not possible to apply any additional force on the lens itself"

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