Just perception or real re quality, Canon vs Nikon

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I'm not trying to be overly-complicated. I think for the most part people want to create something pleasing to the eye. Where you draw the line in a departure from reality is a matter of opinion, but I tend to consider any adjustments I make to be modest at best. Not sure I agree with your last sentence. I don't remember ever thinking that.

Great British Landscapes wrote:

I don't even know what that means. I'm not being facetious here either - along with colours that don't reflect reality, I also despise the use of programmes like Portrait Professional (and I'm not saying you used anything like that here). Point is, "flattery" might be reflecting exactly what's there, not a pre-conceived idea of what looks "nicer". Your perception becomes reality - if you shoot saturated colour all of the time, in the end you think the world actually looks like that.

Scrozzy wrote:

I agree she's pinker than normal there, but this is in the cold, and people go pinker in low temperatures. But would you agree that while it might not have what you consider to be realism, it is more flattering?

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