Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

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Re: Everybody buy an FZ200 :-)

This was an excellent post! (along with your one located two prior on this thread).

I don't know if you recall, but before I entered into the m43 system, I was posting in this forum with my FZ30. That was my first "real" camera and got me started into photography. The FZ30 (and 50) were great cameras. My FZ just felt right, and the ergonomics were amazing. I place ergonomics very high on my must have list when choosing a camera. This is why I went to Pany m43 because I felt they kept much of what made the FZ30 easy to use over to my G1. At the time I changed, it did not seem that they had a true replacement for the FZ... The current models were not much to speak of. They were definately focused on m43 (pardon the pun).

When the FZ200 was announced, it caught my eye: that 25-600mm equiv., constant f2.8 is a real big deal. Even other people in my camera group, all with interchangeable lens cameras took note of the new model. To have that zoom range in a lens that fast is really, really good.

I continue this post by saying that this is NOT a reason to say that m43 (or any interchangeable lens system) is "better" than a fixed or bridge camera. The best camera is what fits that users needs. This is also so I don't get called a troll.

Continuing on... There are a few reasons why I like my m43 system and why I could not see myself going back to the smaller sensor, fixed lens option. With my FZ30, I was always craving lower noise in my shots. I also wanted to get more shallow DOF in my portrait and macro shots. A big thing too was shooting family pictures, and pics of my kids without having to resort to using flash if at all possible in lower light situations. I wanted to get the natural light look. To get these functions pretty well meant that I needed to change to a system with lower noise and access to fast prime lenses (interchangeable lens system).

The m43 system is relatively small and light weight. When I travel, I can carry a body and 2 or 3 primes plus a zoom lens in a small camera bag. Panasonic has decided to go larger with the upcoming GH3 but they still also make the GF series. The GF3/5 is really tiny. Put a 20mm prime lens on that and you have a small package capable of getting really good images. Just this year, I have discovered the joy of shooting with a fisheye lens. It has been invaluable when travelling IMO. To get the fisheye, that is a dedicated lens that cannot come from a fixed camera unless you get one of the lens adapters. My experience with the front mounted adapters is not that good. There is a real sacrifice of image quality on the edges, etc.

When it comes to cost though, the FZ does have a very big advantage. With my m43, the lenses can add up very quickly. I guess this is also why Pany wants to push m43 so much: once you are in the system, there is the ability to always sell you another lens. I have been able to afford some more lenses for my G1 but this is not to say that everyone can. Going to the lens system is not the best option for everyone.

I hope that Pany keeps up with FZ200 and continues to develop this bridge line. They have a real winner on their hands. I also hope they continue to develop more for the m43's family. I think the 2 lines can co-exist together.

John Miles wrote:

Certainly Rudy.

Panasonic are truly focused on their lens change cameras, and have produced the FZ200 in what I perceive as a lesser state of (financial) enthusiasm. But in a tiny corner of the World, this forum, enthusiasm abounds the other way round.

The present stance by Panasonic is also flying in the face of very distinct trends in camera design, perceivable if you stand well back and look at the market overall over a period of years.

The major trend is to dispense with camera bulk in the first instance. This is pouring a host of intermediate cameras like the 4/3" cameras into the market between the original bridge camera and DSLR's. To save on size viewfinders and grips are vanishing, with optional add on bits on offer to chivvy a camera back to near serious operability for the dedicated fan.

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