Odd fault with Pixma IP 4000 printer

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Re: Odd fault with Pixma IP 4000 printer

I have had a similar problem in the past with an ip4000 also, but the banding was not as bad as your seems. It seems that the printer detects the trailing edge of the sheet being printed somewhat before printing ends. I have heard a definite sound change in the printer near the end of a sheet. There were some comments on the Inkjet Printer Forum (Nifty Stuff) about others having the problem. Some said sticking a Post-It note paper on the trailing edge helped. I print using QImage. What I found worked best was to set the paper size to Legal (14") and then adding 3" to the trailing edge margin in the QImage setup. This is assuming you are printing on 8.5" X 11" paper. The printer prints the print and ejects the paper without the trailing edge detector being triggered during the printing. It could be as the printer ages the banding becomes more noticeable. My ip4500s also showed the banding but at a much less level. Haven't seen it with any of my Pro9000 Mk IIs yet.

Steve W.

Edit: I reread your post and see your doing 4 X 6. You could do the same setting the paper size to a custom size like 4 X 9 (or some number) and modifying the trailing edge margin to account for the extra inches.

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