A99 low-pass filter

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Re: A99 low-pass filter

greenlens wrote:

From the press release: "The full frame sensor is enhanced by a newly-developed separate multi-segment optional low-pass filter, increasing its resolving power."

I wonder what does "optional" mean in this context?

I read or heard in one of the previews/interviews that the new AA filter is designed to take advantage of the shallower sensor and give greater performance and resolution with wide angle lenses, fun fact is that a lot of old Leica WA lenses don't work well on digital since they aren't telecentric. Leica couldn't get around this for the M8, hence the cropped sensor. The M9, otoh uses a very carefully ground array of microlenses to focus non-telecentric light onto the sensor correctly.

If you have a wide angle / SWA and an A900/A850 you can see the effect of a non optimized AA filter first hand. My Zeiss 16-35 is incredibly inconsistent in taking pictures since shooting subjects head on results in sharp/tack sharp images all the way to everything but the extreme corners while shooting at certain oblique angles leads to one side or the other being 'blurry' as though the lens is decentered even though the whole image is technically at infinity and the lens is focused properly and etc (and yes I thought my lens was defective and sent it in for repair, the repair shop said I had a great copy that was 100% functional and sent me their test images.)

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