The mother of all rumors

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Re: The mother of all rumors

Edymagno wrote:

Zeiss is starting next year a new full series of FF lenses that will surpass in IQ all dslr's lines of lenses in existence. Think mucho $$$
It means that soon more megapixel dslr's are coming from major brands.

Which is great for consumers but glass is not the only factor holding us back from higher IQ with more pixels.

Stepanfo wrote:

The pattern goes like this:

D700 as a universal "cheap" FF camera
D3 as a special sports high fps camera

D3x as a special high resolution camera, sold for premium price, a "statement camera"

I see no reason why Nikon would drop this pattern.
D800 is a direct replacement for D700.
D4 is a direct replacement for D3
D600 is a new entry level FF camera

D4x is missing and if I had any substantial money available, I would bet everything that D4x will come.

48 MP is easily doable for Nikon (they have 24 MP APS-C camera), I think it could still bring some advantage over 36 MP of D800.

D4x will come and it will have at least 48 MP. It could be even 60. Price will be stellar.

Sure, but the market is a lot different today in 2012 to how it was in 2007-2008 when Canon and Nikon last introduced those $8000 high res pro body DSLRs.

While there is room in the range for a flagship high res model it's going to need more than extra pixels to be compelling given we're already dealing with some seriously diminishing returns.

Take landscape photographers for example. Most will be shooting at an aperture of f/8 or smaller and that range is already compromising acuity at 100% with 36mp. Keep in mind full frame offers less DOF at the same f-stop than APS-C.

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