Just perception or real re quality, Canon vs Nikon

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Re: Just perception or real re quality, Canon vs Nikon

I agree about your example about the art gallery, and I'm not saying one is necessarily objectively better, but I can be subjective in my preference. For the most part I am just shooting my kids though.

The irony is that after all the measurebating and engineering prowess; i.e. comparing SNRs, dynamic range, megapixels, FPS, grubnuts, bit depth, donkey flange etc., it's still possible to look at an image and just think, and without knowing why, something just looks better. And you'll never be able to put your finger on it or measure it. That's the feeling I get from my Canon.

gdanmitchell wrote:

There is nothing about "Nikon colors" or any of that stuff that is objectively better or worse in any way that ultimately has a real effect on your photography. Of all of the questions that one must answer as a photographer, "Nikon or Canon?" is perhaps the least significant.

If you were to walk into a gallery filled with excellent large prints made from the work of fine photographers using Nikon and Canon gear and were asked to determine on the basis of what you saw which image came from which system... you would fail utterly.

Frankly, in the long term you could essentially flip a coin, pick a system, get on with shooting, and little would change about your photography.

Yes, at a given moment in time it is possible to make the case that Brand A is slightly further along on the curve than Brand B. Both Brand A and B have been "ahead" at various times over the past decades, and this ranking changes back and forth, sometimes on a scale of months. But if you pick the supposed "best" this month, it is virtually certain that the other brand will produce the supposed "best" in other months, and that the tables will again switch at some point in the future.


Scrozzy wrote:

I'm a long-term Canon-enthusiast-APSC-sufferer. You know the type; limited cashflow, wants something modern, FF and at a good price.

To me the only camera that fits the bill is a D600.

But, and to an extent this topic is covered a fair bit, there's just something about Nikon colours that I don't like. It's the aura, the feel ... just something which looks less nice than Canon.

Am I just being unjustly prejudiced? There are so many variables that can affect a photo too, especially in PP. It's not unreasonable to assume I'm imagining the difference, right? I'm just being a snob, yes? But then you have two completely different manufacturers, different sensors, A/D conversions, lenses ... so by that logic, of course there must be a difference.

Does anyone have examples of natural Nikon shots that have that smidge of magic about them?

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