To Landscapers with 5DII

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Re: To Landscapers with 5DII

cpkuntz wrote:

Another option, honestly is a view camera and film. Those are great for landscapes. The larger format lends itself to detail.

I have a close friend who shoots landscape using high-end digital MF systems. We were having a conversation about such things one day and I mentioned that I might consider moving to such a system at some point in the future for the very reasons you mention. He pointed out the obvious to me - that while you can produce higher resolution images with such gear, there are tremendous limitations to it as well, and they may well make the sorts of photography that many of us do essentially impossible.

For example, I rely on long lenses for some of my work. Lenses as long as what I can make use of in my full-frame DSLR photography are essentially unavailable on MF. And the lenses that are available are huge and terribly expensive. None of this is at all conducive to, say, photographing while backpacking and carrying gear on ones back.

There is much more to gear selection that resolution. Indeed, the larger the system the greater the potential resolution. However, consider that one can create excellent 24" x 36" (and larger) prints with current full-frame DSLR gear - how many of us print larger than that on a regular basis, if at all? You could certainly shoot LF film... but the process is extraordinarily different from how we can operate with DSLRs. And it also turns out to be tremendously expensive.

Oh, and my friend the MF digital landscape shooter? He just purchased a full-frame DSLR for an upcoming project since it will allow him to better capture a particular sort of subject he is working with.

Lots to consider.


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