Can any XP1 owners comment on weather sealing?

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Re: Can any XP1 owners comment on weather sealing?

Back in July my GF and I were running for the train in Toronto and got caught in a really bad shower. This was one of those monsoon type downpours. I had my XP1 in my Courierware bag.

Back at home a few hours later I got around to opening my bag and saw my XP1 sitting in a little puddle of water (maybe .25"). Stupid of me to not have checked the bag at the train station. I figure the rain was coming down so hard it ran down the straps right into the bag.

I removed the battery and SD card put it in a bag with some silica packs. I let it sit for a few days and powered it up. Everything worked fine but there were about a half dozen bright spots behind (in front?) of the LCD. At this point I put it on a desk with a lamp pointed towards it. After a few more days there were a couple of spots left, and they were smaller.

They're still there, perhaps a bit smaller still, but I can only see them if I'm previewing a pic with a clear background (ie. sky or something bright).

Not sure how the moisture got in behind the screen.

Now I always keep a big ziplock bag in my bag, and a few small silica packs ... just in case.

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