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ispress wrote:

Almost ready to pull the trigger on a Q10, but I have just a couple of questions of current Q owners (I'm assuming these details won't change for the 10). Thanks in advance for indulging. Sorry if these are dumb.

1. If you attach a filter, can you see what the filter is doing through the LCD screen? In other words, if I'm using a circular polarizer, will I be able to get a live view as I twist it?

2. Similarly, for in-camera "effects," do those display in live view?

3. Unrelated, are there reliable, cheap third-party batteries available for the Q?

Hi ispress,

There are usually no dumb questions.

1. Since it's "live view", any filters will effect the light getting to the sensor, so you'd see the effect on the LCD.
2. All of the in-camera filter effects display on the LCD in LV -- pretty cool!!

3. It's a pretty commonly available battery -- luckily -- and they can commonly be found for under $6 USD each on Amazon or Ebay. I bought 1 Pearstone from B&H and 3 from Wasabe with their 120V home / 12V car charger. I've had them about 1 year, and they all are working pretty much like the original.


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