Just perception or real re quality, Canon vs Nikon

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Re: Colour, Schmullour

Hmm, nope! Sorry, you're just wrong. I used to have the same opinion of audiophiles slating my 112 kbps MP3s 15 years ago. To my ears they were great, but to some people they were a swirly-tinny mess.

Some guy on this forum (I forget who) did like-for-like shots between a Canon and a D800, and I spotted the difference each time. It's not an easy experiment to conduct as to be scientific you need the same scene and ideally plenty of skin tones. I think I'd struggle to tell the difference with landscape photography, but then I haven't ever studied it much.

Great British Landscapes wrote:

I don't believe FOR A SECOND that anyone can pick "Canon" or "Nikon" colours out of a set of images.

Scrozzy wrote:

I'm a long-term Canon-enthusiast-APSC-sufferer. You know the type; limited cashflow, wants something modern, FF and at a good price.

To me the only camera that fits the bill is a D600.

But, and to an extent this topic is covered a fair bit, there's just something about Nikon colours that I don't like. It's the aura, the feel ... just something which looks less nice than Canon.

Am I just being unjustly prejudiced? There are so many variables that can affect a photo too, especially in PP. It's not unreasonable to assume I'm imagining the difference, right? I'm just being a snob, yes? But then you have two completely different manufacturers, different sensors, A/D conversions, lenses ... so by that logic, of course there must be a difference.

Does anyone have examples of natural Nikon shots that have that smidge of magic about them?

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