D50 Upgrade Plan - your thoughts please!

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Re: D50 Upgrade Plan - your thoughts please!

I've had the D50 for years. Just got D600. Sure there are leaps of improvement over the D50, and I am exploring them every day as I explore it. I use it only for family pictures, so I cant compare it most of the users here. My D50 lenses were 50mm/1.8, 17-55/2.8 and 70-200/2.8.

To answer your question - I have tried 17-55 on D600 - which is a great DX lens. Works great as the D600 has an option that you check when using DX lenses. In this case, it will create a black box in your viewfinder. As long as you remember to see that black box and compose your picture within that box - I see no difference. That black box is the actual cropping that your DX lens will have. I dont have the eyes of a professional, so my findings could be biased. One thing I have noticed though is that low light pictures on this combo is no different than D50. It still lacks sharpness, and has a lot of noise. This is on Aperture priority at 2.8 with no flash.

My long term plan with FX body is to sell 17-55, get FX 24-300 all around lens as I already have one portrait and one portrait/tele. But thats a lot of money and getting D600 has done it for me for this year.

Hope this makes sense.

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