Panasonic 45-150 or 100-300?

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Re: Panasonic 45-150 or 100-300?

Thanks for commenting,

I agree that the 45-150mm is more versatile and that's both good and bad. When looking at my pictures taken with the 14mm and 30mm it's obvious that they're very different from each other, and I am not talking about field of view. I am talking about composition, style, content and colors (pp). In other words, the focal length itself invites to different styles/types of photography.

So, what about the 45-150mm?....well I guess the pics will be somewhat similar to the 30mm in terms of content/style. This worries me a little. The 100-300mm however is perhaps more different from the lenses I already own. It's a more specialized lens covering types of photography I wouldn't do with the 30mm.

Of course it's possible to do landscapes with a 300mm. It's also possible to shoot portraits with a 14mm. But personally I notice that the focal length influences the type/style/content of my pictures.

Kind regards.

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