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gwenhael appere wrote:

Hi everybody,

I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A city of 1.7m people, 90% of them foreigners. Also a city of 20 million visitors a year. The hub of the Middle East, and the biggest touristic city around. And guess what ? Residents and tourists buy, and compare prices....And in this multicultural hub, which could be a huge market for Nikon, their price policy doesn't make sense !

D800 : 15999 AED (4350 USD - 3200 euros)
D700 : 9999 AED (2720 USD - 2000 euros)
D600 : 8999 AED (2450 USD - 1800 euros)

A few comments :

  • I really dont understand the price of the D800 here, and the huge gap with the next camera

  • I really dont understand that the D700 (still on sale !) is more expensive than the D600

  • the D600 is the only one, in my view, which is priced logically compared to the international prices. The D800 price is just plain stupid.

The marketing efforts are next to zero, and I see Canon selling cameras (especially the DX models) through all the distribution channels, and Nikon seems very conservative in what could be a huge market for them...I hope the good price point of the D600 is the beginning of a wake-up, and they'll adjust their pricing policy...but i've been living here for ten years, and i'm still waiting !!



The problem there is not Nikon, but rather the local distributor that controls the price. The grey market in Bur Dubai is really very attractive. Canon sells cheaper thee but only the low end bodies and they are still selling 1000D!

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