Sony releases mirrorless market share data

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Re: Sony's Fiscal Year...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Cheng Bao wrote:

Yes, I know its norm in Japan, so I said it is changed so for non-Japanese.

Rest of the world use 2011.1-2011.12 as FY 2011. And the majority of the japan FY2012 is in 2011, so, Sony deliberately change the word 2012 to 2011 to avoid confuse. Data from other sources supports that this is indeed FY 2012.

I think the idea of FY ending in March is pretty much used globally. We do know, Sony's financial year 2011 ran thru March 2011 (not March 2012, which was FY2012).

Even in Japan, some companies use CY as FY, like canon.

Globally? Since when microsoft, ford, P&G use March as end of FY?

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