Question about GH2 and lenses

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Re: Question about GH2 and lenses

Thanks Ryan and Detail Man...

I'll try and answer both of your questions here are there is some overlap.

I agree, I should definitely get a book, as I could use the help.

As for the type of camera, I have been leaning towards a micro 4/3 as opposed to a traditional DSLR because I want

a) portability, and smaller size

b) After playing around with my friends' DSLRs, I can't help but feel that there is a lot of bells & whistles I'll never take advantage of.

I've went into a camera shop (Samy's Camera in Los Angeles) before to test things out, but I always seem to feel overwhelmed. Maybe I'm not asking the right questions, and deep down, I can't help but feel that the sales guys is just trying to make a sale.

Also, as Ryan mentioned, I do very little post-editing (often because of a lack of time), so my hope is that the pictures I get from the camera (and I understand, this is of course assuming I am using it correctly), require little effort after the fact.

As far as subject matter, I have a 1 year old son, so he is my most common subject =]. But more generally, most of my pictures are around people. I seldom do scenic/nature shots, but that doesn't mean I wont shoot I nice sunset if I see it, just that my focus is usually on people rather than places. Similarly, I'd use a telephoto lens to zoom in on a face rather than a bird in the distance. In regards to lighting, its pretty all over the place (sorry, I can't be more specific), as I'll use the camera to take random shots in doors, but also take it on vacations and take outdoor pictures.

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