DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

How about the new ACDsee Pro 6 or 15? Anyone know much about this? http://www.acdsee.com/en/products

I actually didn't end up using IDI for much photo editing to be honest, but I guess if I'm going to get better at this I might as well try to use the same tool for both things. I have an old version of Photoshop that I had been using for photo edits.

I agree, having the changes stored in the file (or at least the option to "apply" the changes to the files) is important.

So, anyone out there with opinions on:
ACDSee Pro 6/15

Lightroom 4 as a DAM software (concerned about the proprietary hierarchy tables http://gcoupe.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/lightroom-4-a-mixed-blessing/ )
MediaPro 1


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