D800 pictures look flat

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Why, Oh, Why?

ajsphoto11 wrote:

I am a wedding photographer &...I shot in JPEG (don't be a hater)

Any constructive advice would be appreciated.

My constructive advice is to always shoot once-in-a-lifetime events, such as a wedding, that you are being paid for in RAW format. If you want to record in JPG also, then fine.

Besides the fact that only so much can be done to correct JPG files for insufficiencies in WB, color balance, exposure, etc., JPG format is destructive, unlike RAW and TIFF. Therefore, when performing the often extensive editing required on wedding images, you do not want to perform them on JPG files. Every edit performed and 'save' only deteriorates a JPG file.

Why anyone would shoot a wedding only in JPG is beyond me and shows a disregard for the client, and reveals a lack of professionalism. Not to be overlooked is the fact that labs prefer to print from TIFF files, and not highly compressed JPG files.

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