Shooting RAW as religious doctrine

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Re: A' propos of RAW converters

The problem starts already with you thinking that art filters are "creative". There are NOT. There are baked in routines for lazy raw shooters, who think they can judge and appreciate and image on the worst device available: the camera screen.

amalric wrote:

RAW technocrats (the new religion) too readily assume that us JpegCrapShooters don't know how to handle RAW converters.

I know many since the time of the E-410, a lovely camera, but which blew highlights like a steam engine , at almost any exposure, and was noisy even at 400 ISO.

I began then having a love affair with ACR, and through generations of it noticed how the denoising improved yr. by yr., effectively allowing to go back in time and literally save old pictures, which were almost unmanageable yrs. ago.

However Jpegshooting has been made possible by the improvement of sensors and the firmware routines Oly improved yr. by yr. I.e. I don't use auto gradation on the E-P2 - too noisy - but I do used it with the E-PL3, because noise was effectively removed.

One can even use it with Viewer 2, and manually alter it.

So it is rather silly to assume that Jpegshooters are RAW illiterates. Rather they take advantage of technological improvements in camera, and save time for better things - like Composition.

Recently I have been experimenting with the WB, changing the dominant in camera, and then of course I can see the effect, even before shooting.

Experimenting wt. colour before the shot is a great thing. Same goes wt. Art Filters. I am not a RAWsnob to ignore them. They are FUN, they are Photoshop in camera.

It was the CrossProcess which suggested to me to play with WB.

Does anybody have a sense of FUN? Jpegshooting can be as creative as shooting RAW.

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