GXR M mount vs. Leica M9

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Re: GXR M mount vs. Leica M9

I have to applaud to this statement. I have The GXR mount and some crons to but instead of the M System lenses i use The R Lenses. The m-mount is produces the best APS-C Files i have ever seen. I am in the same situation I want a digital m. My thing is a M 8.2 with 28 2.8 asph because I have no 35 mm eqiu. I am sure that the files on the GXR are not far behind the M leicas. Also I have Leica IIIf and a Leicaflex SL II and Ricoh GRD I. A M 8.2 is now a must have for me a M 9 maybe later.

High iso performance is not an issue for me because most pictures are in Black and white. I will never give up the GXR.
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