DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

Same boat here. For me, the #1 criteria is storing changes in the image file rather than just a database. Turns out this was pretty important with IDI since it is now gone. Most of the DAM programs don't play nice with others which makes them non-starters.

I mainly have used Windows Live Photo Gallery as my day-to-day viewer because it has hierarchical keywords, it saves data in the file, and it is plain fast. I then used IDI for more advanced features. Until a few months ago, WLPG played really nice with IDI. Then IDI introduced a bug that removes any people tags I have set with WLPG when images sync, thus making IDI unusable for me. Can't have one program trashing info from another. I have been patiently awaiting a fix, which now will never come.

I played with Photo Supreme (official IDI replacement) quite a bit to see if it does what I need. First, it still has the WLPG people tag bug. 2nd, it is missing a lot of the XMP filtering, such as camera model. It doesn't have basic features like the great batch-rename of IDI. Basically, it doesn't really add much, if anything, to WLPG. And still has the bugs.

If you haven't tried WLPG, you should for basic DAM features. Unfortunately there were a number of more advanced features in IDI that I haven't been able to find else where.

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