Need advice for 135mm Len

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Re: long len

Haha. Sorry to make it so complicated. :s just wanna learn the most from all the pro here. My budget will be ard 100usd include shipping. If a lens can fit into both caterogy will be great. If not getting 2 lens that still fit into my budget will be ok too.

Letsgokoulos wrote:
Now things start being complicated...

You want a lens for macro and sports photography, and apparently you are on a budget. May we know what budget you had in mind ? That may help us better understanding what you want and can afford.


s0n1c87 wrote:

Ya its semi indoor with top shelter so there is still abit of dalight from outside. If f4 is gonna be at 210mm, it's gonna be quite dark. Im not sure if 3.5 will be enough for me.I think I saw canon fd 200mm f2.8 on sales before, quite an exp lens.

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