Why the A99 is slower than the A77 :-)

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EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Math is useless if you don’t include all the variables. Regardless of whether you get it, or not, don’t go pushing around the idea that RAW files out of A77 are 36MB while that out of A99 will be 24MB. You have been doing that, but without ANY evidence to support the claim.

But if that floats your boat, be my guest.

VirtualMirage wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

You said this earlier: "If you are not doing the math, then you must have failed a lot of math classes."

Let me add to it... doing the math doesn't guarantee a passing grade.

Clearly that is evident on your part. You are failing because you don't read the instructions. You are failing because you don't show your work. You are failing because you can't even do basic arithmetic.

Somehow your arguments have evolved to...
A77 produces 36MB RAW files, and,
A99 produces 24 MB RAW files (because you have seen that).

That is pure BS. A77 uncompressed is around 36MB. A99 is around 42MB uncompressed. It has been explained before but you can't seem to comprehend that. Compressed and the actual output of the files for the A77 are around 24MB and the A99 is also around 24-25MB. Both of these have been clearly stated before. I have never compared a compressed RAW file to an uncompressed RAW file. That is all on you.

It is funny how you accept my math for the A99 raw files being around 42MB (no one has mentioned that as a size of the actual file) yet you refute my math for everything else because it doesn't fit your idea. That actual output files are around 24-25MB in size. Aside from the 14-bit vs 12-bit, the sensors are the same resolution. Did you honestly think the files would grow by leaps and bounds?

You’re welcome to do the math, but considering ALL the variables when you do. It just might be easier to see for yourself that A77 writes out 24 MB files, not 36MB because it defaults to cRAW. Please do not argue on the subject that until you can provide evidence of 36MB files out of A77.

I have even done just that and you flat out think it is bunk. I have compared its compressed RAW file size of 24MB (it's output file size) to that of the A99's output file size (which is also compressed) and comes to around 24-25MB in size. You dismissed it and then accuse me of pretty much making up numbers and unfairly comparing two different types of files. Again, I never did such a thing. But you are very guilty of doing that and pointing the finger.

Why do you think that is a credible source? For that matter, where exactly this number get pulled from?

1) At this point, I trust them more than I trust you.
2) It matches closely to the A99 RAW file sizes I have seen.
3) It matches the A99 RAW file sizes posted here:

Check it out for yourself before you claim I am wrong again. But if you have a sucky connection, be prepared to wait awhile. The files I have downloaded come in at about 24.1MB a piece for the A99.

Care to elaborate on what element we are missing here?

12-bit versus 14-bit

14-bit can be compressed as well.

RAW versus cRAW

Where did we compare RAW directly against cRAW and assume it was an equal comparison? I have compared RAW sizes to RAW sizes and cRAW to cRAW. I have shown you...no, I have practically drawn a path in for you with Crayola crayons on even how to calculate RAW. It isn't math I made up, it is fact. A 5 second Google search will show the same results, and if you look close enough can find education articles about RAW and how to calculate it.

Seriously, do you believe in both of these:

-that A99 will be delivered with 14-bit cRAW in lossy format for a file size comparable to 12-bit cRAW out of A77

They have already proved it, so yes.

-that A77 has 36MB RAW file but A99 has 24MB

No, again your words. The A77 uncompressed is equivalent to 36MB of data being sent to the processing chip. The A99 it is around 42MB of uncompressed data. The final output for both is around 24MB for the A77 and around 24-25MB for the A99. Compression is a wonderous thing, isn't it?

I have been doing my best to be on my best behavior, but you seriously have no clue. You read only what you want and pick stuff here and there and combine it to how you see fit. You take every bit of information I give you and you twist it into something that is just incorrect gibberish.

Educate yourself, provide proof, don't twist other people's words.

I am sorry einstein you completely misunderstand virtualmirage.

Kind regards


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