If you don't think design is important, don't read this...

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Re: If you don't think design is important, don't read this...

Hi Moti: Thanks for your response. As Fuji is showing, there need be no conflict between great design and great function. I agree I wouldn't want to trade image quality for design, but it doesn't seem inherently necessary to do so. Also, I would be happy to pay more for good design and quality build. I think this desire drives many Leica shooters, too. Our cameras are our partners as we travel the world and experience it, why not choose one that is a pleasure to hold and to own in its own right? There are many aspects of ownership to consider and many folks are interested in various things. Take motorcycles, for example. I've owned japanese bikes with spectacular handling, accelleration and top speed. They were great! Yet my favorite is a Harley-Davidson. It is outperformed on most performance metrics, and is very, very expensive. Yet I take pleasure in paying that premium and owning it for its quality and the experience of riding and owning it. In fact, the longer I own it the more I value it. While the metrics for photography are certainly very different, cameras are objects just the same and appeal to us as physical things with pleasing or not form factors. I applaud Fuji for recognizing this and offering us the X-line of cameras.

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