Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

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Re: Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

Well, I'm not that good of a dancer.

Thom's fevered prose aside (probably the result of food poisoning at the Bratwurst at the Photokina Food Court), I think if you study the responses here they're concerned about the lack of quality DX lenses more than the lack of competetent bodies. Even the aging D300s is no slouch. But the steady march of new camera bodies is not what drives - or should drive - the confidence in the system. As he said himself, "Nikon would be crazy NOT to iterate the D5100, D7000, and D300" for the very reasons you state. But the question at hand should be rephrased - is enthusiast/pro DX dying? In truth, it has never really lived that well for 13 years, outside of one standard zoom, two macros and a semi-pro body. Once the D3 came out in 2007, Nikon could return its attention to improving the FF lens lineup, and relegated DX to entry level shooters. As a consequence, DX has been populated almost exclusively by convenience zooms intended for the casual/convenience shooter. Enthusiast/pro DX has been for several years now FX glass with a DX body. The concerns voiced here are not triggered by a mere barking blogger.

So I don't see DX outright dying anytime soon, but I don't see the DX infrastructure being expanded in the same way that FX has. To be pragmatic, all we really need are a few more options in the WA prime, midrange and weak-tele FLs to do it... I'm not going to be one of those that panic and jump to FX. My style of shooting puts a premium on size, weight, and yes, price. I'm going to wait to see if Nikon caves and goes mirrorless DX, so that I can save some money on lenses; but with cameras like the OM-D EM-5, EPL5 and EM2 performing at the level of a D90, I can tell you where the casual DX buyers of old - the core of Nikon's sales - will be looking first.

Sorensen wrote:

Of course the DX format will continue for years and years to come. It has the advantage of small weight, and you see those small sensors getting better and better. Nikon and other camera companies has a big business in the DX-area. There will come a D7200 and a D5200 (and a D7300 and a D5300....)
So I see no death of DX soon.
I totally agree with JCB123.

JCB123 wrote:
Thom has pulled your strings and you are all dancing.

Next year when we've had the D400, D7200, D5200 releases, he will then ridicule you all, referring to the 'forum chatter' that feared that DX was going away.

The D5100 outperforms the latest and greatest m43 products and the D5200 will undoubtedly increase the gap. The D7200 & D400 will add some qualities & capabilities beyond that.

Nikon would no doubt love you to panic and go out and buy the not so affordable D600. Then of course you may need to re-assess your lenses. Others will wait till next year and just buy a D7200 or a D400. There might even be a few die-hards that just carry on shooting with their D90 or D7000 or D5100...

So chill. Maybe DX will go away at some point but not yet a while.


mosswings wrote:

From Hogan's Trend page on his Photokina report:

"What I hope upon hope is that I'll wake up after the photo-related shows in early 2013 [to] find that we've got a D5200, D7200, and D400. That we've got a 16-85mm f/4 lens. That we've got a 16mm f/2.8 or better lens. That we've got WiFi across the line and someone has figured out that you need to do more than add the technology. That we've got new, interesting, and useful options in this range that make us excited about APS/DX again.

Because if I don't wake up to learn those things, then APS/DX is indeed dying. Dying by being choked by its own makers. "

The point being, both in the booth and outside it, that DX now appears to be viewed as a value play rather than a primary thrust of product development. Mirrorless, FX, and video are clearly the manufacturer's main interest, and in directing development money to these lines, they are perhaps inadvertently prematurely killing the core of their enthusiast product lines. There will be more iterations of the DX product line, but the lack of new DX products may not be solely due to the Pacific Rim Earthquakes and Floods.

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