OM-D E-M5 Photographic Dynamic Range and Read Noise

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Re: Stupid question

brunobarolo wrote:

Please allow a layman's stupid question: The photographic dynamic range E-M5 graph (at least for ISO 800 and above) is very close to the ideal 4/3 graph. Would that mean that the laws of physics don't allow much improvement any more for dynamic range and thus shadow noise at high ISOs in future 4/3 sensors?

Or what does "ideal 4/3" mean?

Not a stupid question at all.

I don't measure or report based on "real" ISO but on the manufacturer stated ISO.

In this case, if you apply the DxOLabs numbers, the curve is shifted about 1/3EV to the right of where it "should" be. That's why it's so close to the ideal line.

When comparing cameras using my PDR curves, especially across brands, you should probably not take differences of less than 1/2 EV too seriously.
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