Shooting RAW as religious doctrine

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Re: This thread has been hijacked

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

. . . And I'll admit that I participated. My OP was never intended to be a 'RAW better or worse than jpegs' invitation for everyone to rehash their opinions on which way is better.

. . . Here it is again:

"If someone posts here that they want to use the best in camera settings to to get good quality JPEGs, why can't we all answer as best as we can without the sermonizing about how wonderful it is to use RAW processing?"

. . . So what's the response to my original question? Can we talk about jpeg settings here or not?

We could, but the issue here is that most jpeg settings are done based on personal tastes, and everyone has personal tastes.

My settings on my E-PL2:

A: -1
G: 0
Saturation : 0
contrast -1
Sharpening -1
Noise reduction: low.

In regards to the thread that was mentioned, the issue with the OP was about detail and sky noise with his e-pm1 vs his E-PL1. Detail is probably an issue with the stronger AA filter on the E-pm1 vs the e-pl1. Sky noise IMHO is just an issue with the Panasonic sensors. Increasing noise reduction helps but kills the entire shot. The best way to handle sky noise, if one is that obsessed with it, is to use a program tha thas selective NR on the RAW.

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